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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Synei System Utilities 2013 (NEW)

Synei System Utilities
4 stars
Editor's Rating
8 8
System Maintenance And Cleaning ToolsSynei System Utilities is an all-in-one PC maintenance application that includes disk cleaning, startup management, system tune-up, service optimization, a backup manager and automatic system shutdown options.You can access all the tools from the main interface and either use the 1-Click Maintenance option or run each tool individually as needed. The 1-Click Maintenance will perform a standard cleaning and optimization routing with the default settings, which can also be customized to your liking.At first sight, Synei System Utilities may appear to be just another "fix my computer and make it faster" tool, but each tool offers some unique features that set it slightly apart from the rest. The lack of a registry cleaner that intimidates users with hundreds of (mostly irrelevant) errors is also refreshing.In addition to the clean-up and tuning options, the program includes a basic backup program that you can use to backup your important folders. You can use the provided scheduler to run your backup (and maintenance) task automatically on specific days.

Product Details

PublisherSynei (2)O/SXP/Vista/7/8  portablePortable
Version1.1File Size3947 Kb
Last updatedMar 28, 2013

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